Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sewing Tutorial: Red Ruffled Romper

Free Sewing Tutorial: Ruffle Fabric Romper

ruffle romper tutorial

I was sent some yummy ruffled fabric by rufflefabric.com, it is just so gorgeous and pretty that I wanted to make tons of things with it. After going back and forth many times, I finally settled on this ruffled romper. Its so easy to make using the ruffle fabric. I whipped it up in about an hour.

Here's what you need:

Ruffle Fabric - half yard ( actually it is so wide that it will make two of medium sized rompers for 2T size)
Quarter inch wide elastic in matching colors
Snaps or buttons for the closure at the bottom

Measurement:Measure the child from chest to about 4 inch below crotch. lets call it L1.
Measure the child at the all around at the belly . Lets call it W1.
Skill Level: Beginner
Time: One hour
Cost: $10


Cut a rectangle L1 X W1.

Sew the sides along L1. Rotate the seam such that it is in the center of back.

Cut a 2 inch arch at the center bottom of the romper. I actually freehanded it, but you could always mark a 2 inch mark and make an arch using a bowl or any circular object. Save the scraps, we are going to use them later.

Turn a little fabric inside on the arch and sew a seam.

Cut 10 inches long pieces of elastic and sew it 2-3 inches apart at the front top center criss-cross these strips at the back and sew.

The scraps that we saved earlier will be used now. Cut them in circular shapes. You don't need to be precise here. Just eyeball the rough shape.

Layer these circles one over the other and hand-sew at the center on the shoulder strap.

Make a bow with the grosgrain ribbon and hand-sew it at the back of the romper.

Notice that I never said a word about hemming or finishing raw seams. So here is the thing with ruffle fabric - It's a knit, it doesn't fray, so it doesn't need to be hemmed.

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