Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My entries for kids clothing week

Sewing for KCWC
Elsie over at Elsie Marley is having an amazing series called Kids Clothing Week where the participants commit to spending one hour a day everyday for a week to sew clothes for children.
Here's what I made yesterday:
sew basic pants

A simple pair of pants.

shirred sundress and pants set

A set of shirred dress along with a simple pant with a contrasting band to go with it. I don't really love this fabric but I have a lot of it just sitting there, so I once shirred it on a whim. Recently when I got my serger, I took a long look at it again and finally used some of it. I think I like it now that it has been paired with a cheery bright red.
I have more of that pink fabric above and I would like to try a new dress pattern to go with them, which judging by my recent sewing adventures, will be a flop. I'm planning to show you some of the things that want to make me bang my head to the closest wall, and might make you laugh a little ( or more).