Thursday, June 16, 2011

The butterfly dress from Sewing in No Mans Land

Sewing Project: Butterfly Dress It seemed like all of my favorite blogs had been gushing about Kelly of Sewing In No Mans Land, so I blog hopped to her blog, to see what was all the noise about. Then I looked in awe at the treasure trove of amazing sewing tutorials. She may be sewing in the no mans land, but her blog is like a wonderland to me. Oh the color, the pictures, the amazing designs and if all that wasn't enough she has the cutest little model. Once I go there I don't feel like coming back...
So this week all the inspiration took its toll and I finally made this:
sewing a butterfly dress

Based on her butterfly dress pattern. Ok, let me be the first to say that it looks nothing like the pattern...there, I said it.  I  made more than a couple of mistakes ( did you notice that the print is upside down?...No! well, me neither...until it was all sewn up) and later realized that if this project
has to finish, I better focus on salvaging it rather than making it look pretty. So I just fixed a few kinks
 and plan on putting it on my daughter before I change my mind. And I don't plan on taking any pictures, I don't want to get sued by my offspring for mis-treatment.
Butterfly dress, remember, this is not over yet....I'll be back.