Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Link love - Look Ma! I'm the designer of the week

Blooms And Bugs Blog: New Features

Image courtsey Sullivan via MorgueFile

The last week brought with it a lot of recongnition at many reputed blogs. I'm the designer of the week at AllFreeSewing.com. So if you open up today's newsletter from AllFreeSewing, there's a chance that you will come across a line or two about somebody called Anshu...(wink wink) Also my little Carnival dress and Reversible Zen Dress made it to Craft Gossip. I also got invited to guest post at Whip Up where I shared a newborn hat tutorial.
Thanks a lot for spreading the word about my little blog. It is very encouraging to see all the pins of my tutorials, so many readers liking my posts and so many of you taking time to stop by and comment. Makes the whole process of crafting, writing tutorials, taking pictures so worth it.

Something tells me that this coming week is going to be awesome as well...Stay Tuned.