Saturday, November 12, 2011

Firefly dress and pants

Baby Sewing Project: Firefly Dress and Pants

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I went shopping one day and a turquoise Tshirt came home with me :). No really! no plans or anything, it just made me pick it up and check out. It wasn't even munchkin's size.
And next time when I reached my sewing table, on a whim I picked it up again and thought it will look good with some "Meadow Friends" Damask that I have been hoarding for a while. So I added it in the skirt.
Then I got stuck, ok what now?

I sifted through my stash and found this Kate Spain Good Fortune Jelly Roll of firefly. Really, I couldn't have matched it better if I tried.

So I added the ruffle at the bottom from that jelly roll and then made a firefly applique on the front. I wish I had some orange ric-rac. It would have totally made the dress, but I didn't...and neither did the Walmart near us. Oh well!

Once the dress was complete, I realized it would be perfect for a friend's daughter whose birthday was coming up. Yaay!
So I searched through my stash again and found this stripey knit. Perfecto! A pair of matching leggings.
Next came the headband. What outfit could be considered complete without a headband. So again some search in the elastic stash yielded an almost perfect headband material.

I love it when things fall into place like that. Almost justifies having tons of sewing supplies in my stash. Well...almost!

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