Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Summer! Jumper and bloomers set

Sewing Project: Jumper and Bloomers Set

I know you're thinking that I have gone nuts! Summer in December? Yup! While most of us are only thinking about the shawls, sweaters and coats, there are some places where summer is but just around the corner. This is a jumper and a bloomers set that was a custom order from one such place. The top is made in a lightweight butterfly print. I also appliqued some butterflies to match the print on the bodice.

These are made in size 6T and the client wanted something in light yellow. I took the liberty of pairing it with gray print and apparently my client likes it. Here they're together:

Of Course, Whats a little girl's outfit without a matching hair-bow. Here's the close-up.

Simple and sweet. I like it this way. Hope the little girl likes it as well. I have only recently started taking custom orders and so far I'm really enjoying it. Its a little stressful to prepare something with a deadline, but its also a lot more creative, to make something according to a clients specifications and tastes and to a little girl's liking.
Here they are. All wrapped up and good to go.

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