Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roses in December Ruffled Scarf

So we were packing for this upcoming trip and I thought it will be cool to have some accessories for myself. I had a half-baked idea of a shirred scarf in my head and a just perfect jersey fabric at hand but there were still a few kinks that I couldn't think of a way to get around..that is..until now.
Once I thought through the design and felt confident, I left the piles of clothes to be packed on the bed, handed the munchkin her favorite toy, and got to work ( sounds
It was an easy-peasy scarf and if I weren't interrupted by my bunny who now wants to "Sew clothes" it would take me about 20 mins...I think.
The scarf is super soft and very ruffley...just the way I wanted. I wore it to work and what to do you know...I even got compliments :). My colleague told me the scarf looked very nice, she even asked me where I bought it. I tried my best not to look smug when I told her "I made it"
Incidents like these totally make my day...and ohh..almost forgot.. the tutorial is in the works and will be here very soon.

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