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A little bit of India - Republic day today

A Little Bit of India: Republic Day
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  India Gate, Delhi

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India celebrates its 63rd Republic Day today on the 26th of January. It was the day when India finally had its own constitution more than 2 years after its independence.
Dr. Ambedkar spent a huge amount of time to draft a constitution that would serve a country as diverse as India.

I have mixed memories of celebrating Republic Day as a kid. I was in a school where being good at extra-curricular activities really counted...and alas! I wasn't very good at any of those. Every year there would be a Republic Day Gala at the school and every year I would try to get into as many of the group dances, group drills as I can and every year I would get chucked out of most of those because I couldn't sync with the rest of the group. Ouch! that hurt, I would pout and hold a grudge against the teacher who would be the in-charge of the activity. But now I realize that it wasn't their fault...I really can't sync with a group to save my! Maybe it was God's way of telling that I was destined to do my own thing. At least I like to think so.

But it wasn't totally bleak on Republic Day. Being good at studies ensured that I would play at least some key role in the whole celebration, like deliver a speech or get some prize for academic performance. After the festivities in school we will get home and watch the national celebration on TV. It was an event in we would wait for the floats of each state and try to recognize which one was ours. Our parents would come home early from work and that added to the festivities.

I didn't understand much of the significance of this day back then, but it was a good moment to recollect our accomplishments as a nation and feel proud about them. I think I did feel proud of my country even as a kid. Now as an adult I realize that India has a long way to go but its moving in the right direction, and that makes me feel proud.

Indian Flag at Red Fort Delhi
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Happy Republic Day Dear India! and Happy republic day to my fellow Indians. Hope we celebrate the day in its true spirit for centuries!

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