Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sailboat scarflette for boys

Scarflette sewing project: Sailboat scarf for boys
Sailboat scarflette for baby and kids - 12 mos to 5T - $8

Why am I sewing these scarflettes even though spring is already knocking at our door? There are many reasons actually:

1. It isn't like the winter is never gonna come right? It pays to be prepared...doesn't it?

2. With so many girly patterns its only fair that I make a couple for boys. After all our boys need to get cozy too.

3. I needed something to put a sailboat on, because...I LOVE cute little sailboats.

4. Because winter is coming to Australia. No kidding here, I have some lovely customers in Australia, so I need to stock up for them.

Wow! you guys are really demanding. Explaining myself would be tougher than sewing this scarf...who knew?

Isn't that sailboat cute though?

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