Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY Whatever Clock - Done and Done!

Whatever Clock DIY
Whatever clock by Blooms And Bugs

I swooned over this clock the moment I saw it. Such a fun and functional piece. I bet it will give every guest a chuckle if you hung it in the living room. I like art pieces which serve as conversation starter, not to mention I myself would love to have such fun clock.
At the time, the best price I found for the clock was $100 which is not really what I like to spend on clocks ( Well...on anything actually). So I thought...well that doesn't look too hard to make, may be I can pull this off myself. Well, that conversation remained lodged in my brain for about 3 months but I never could quite forget the clock. So when Michaels had these canvases on sale, I just bought a value pack, thinking that I could convert it into a clock.
Then the canvases set beneath my sewing table for about a month until one day I found a few minutes and took apart an old clock to repurpose its machine for the new clock I wanted to make.
I took a deep breath, put back the clocking mechanism through a hole in the center of the canvas and pulled out the battery from something and put it in the battery slot of the clock. Lo and behold! the clock started ticking. Score!
Thats when I got pulled into something else and the 'clock' sat right there on top of the dresser where I was 'operating' on two clocks at the same time.
A week went by before I had the chance to stop by at the nearest Dollar Store. I was pretty sure that it will have something that would let me bring my project to a reasonable closure and I was not disappointed.
I spent $2 at the store and came home with a few things that I hoped will do the trick. And ya know what? It worked.
Whatever Clock in living Room

With dollar store accessories and 20 minutes of my clock was ready. Here it is prettying up my living room. Done and Done!
It seems pretty simple but I'll just do a mini tutorial one of these days...Just Because!

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