Monday, April 30, 2012

Laced with love necklace: Five minutes gift for Mom

DIY gift idea: Lace Necklace


Scraps of Laces, satin, organza ribbons in coordinating colors
Narrow sating ribbon - 1 yd
Necklace Closure - 1 set ( Here's one place to buy it)


1. Gather coordinating ribbon scraps together, wrap one of the scraps around the neck to get an idea of minimum length, all your scraps should be equal or bigger than this length.

2. Place them together such that one end is aligned for all the scraps.

3. Tie a knot at the end with the narrow satin ribbon such that there is a loop remaining at the end.

4. Wrap the satin ribbon around the knot multiple times.

5. Loosely intersperse the different laces and strings, like you braid hair, just 2-3 knots.

6. This is what it will look like once you're done.

7. Bring out the necklace closures, here's what mine looked like.

8. For the right hand side closure, I just placed it around the loop we made earlier at one end and gently tapped it shut with a small hammer. You could use any slightly heavy object.

9. Align the scraps at the other end. Insert a piece of narrow satin ribbon through the eye of the closure.

10. Tie a knot at this end as well, just the way we did in step 3.

11. Wrap the ribbon over the knot several times. knot it again to secure. At this point it will be a good idea to take a threaded needle and hand sew over the knot a couple of times for added strength.

12. Chop off the extra ribbon at both ends.

Now place in a pretty package and give it to the woman who loves you the most.


1. Add some metal charms or beads on the scraps and secure them with a knot.

2. Add a pretty pendant in coordinating color with the help of a jump ring.

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