Monday, April 2, 2012

Rain Rain Come My Way Mobile

Mobile DIY: Rain and Clouds

I like rains. Ok, Scratch that. I love rains. The part where I was born and raised is really hot so rains are considered refreshing and very welcome. As a corollary I don't care that much for the sun.

Sadly, it has been a dry year so far in California. To cheer myself up I made this rain mobile, and I have been swooning over it ever since. Since I don't have a baby who would watch it or be entertained with it, I have hung it in my sewing nook. Will probably use it as a pin-cushion or just as a pretty distraction.

This is actually super easy to make.


Felt squares in the following colors: White, Pink (raspberry), Blue, Green, Yellow
Batting or fiberfill
Upholstery thread, or plastic thread


1. Cut out the template on a paper.

2. Place two layers of felt one over the other, use the template to draw the cloud pattern on the felt.

3. Cut both layers

4. Sew both the layers together, leaving a small gap at the bottom.

5. Lightly fill the cloud structure with fiberfill. Sew the opening shut.

6. Cut out the drops using the pattern. I cut out 4 in each color, but had some left over.

7. Thread a needle with upholstery thread. Thread through the tip of the drop and tie a knot. Now thread through the tip of another drop and tie another knot about 2-3 inch apart, repeat for the third drop.

8. Sew this drop garland to the bottom left corner ( or side) of the cloud. Thread the needle a couple of times here to reinforce the stitch at this point. Now bring out the needle about 1 inch to the right of the point where you attached the garland.

9. Thread two drops this time from top to bottom. Tie a knot after second drop. Repeat steps 7, 8, 9 to attach two more rows of drops

10. Thread a loop on the top of the cloud twice to hang the mobile. Its ready to be admired. Rain rain come my  way.

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