Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whatever Clock Tutorial

DIY Whatever Clock Tutorial
DIY whatever clock tutorial

supplies to make whatever clock

Magnetic number sets ( or any number sets, I used these because they were available in the dollar store) - 3 sets ( Keep in mind that you will need fine 1 numbers so choose the numebr of sets accordingly)

Stretched canvas - 16X20 inches ( actually a square canvas would work better, but I had these on hand)

An old clock to get the clocking machinery, or clocking machinery

Letter stickers ( I got mine from Dollar store - you could also use a fabric marker to just write it)


adding clock mechanism on a stretched canvas

1. Take out the clocking mechanism from an old clock. Find out the center of the canvas, pierce a hole there, and add the clocking mechanism to it. This is actually quite simple, just put all the things back the way they were in original clock. Took me 10-15 mins to do this.

2. Stick the letters to form the statement "Whatever I'm late anyway" In the bottom right corner. It will help if you get a feel of how much space these letters take beforehand. I wouldn't want to stick them and then have to move them around.

super glue and magnetic letters

3. Use superglue at the back of the magnetic letters to stick them near the left bottom corner.
Sticking letters on the clock face with superglue

Keep a couple of things in mind here, if you have colorful numbers like mine, make sure you are not grouping the numbers of same color close by. That may not look visually appealing. Also keep in mind the way numbers are arranged on a normal clock, you want to have an effect that numbers have fallen off their position and got scattered near the bottom, think about how they would fall from a real clock.
adding numbers to the clock face

I'm not sure if I achieved the look properly. I think if I do it again, I would use a single color letters instead of colorful. Initially I thought they look better, but on a second thought, they don't give the clock a 'serious clocky' know.

You have the room to do some fun things here, think about a broken "1" hanging where "10" should be and rest of the "1" somewhere in the heap with "0". This is where you can give your own spin to the clock so have fun with it.

whatever clock in my living room

Hang your clock and conversation starter all in one with pride in your living room ( or wherever). We have already had some fun discussions about this clock with our guests.

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