Monday, May 7, 2012

Nailpolish painted Jars: Five minutes gift for Mom

DIY gift idea: Nailpolish Painted Jars

painted jar DIY

We all have these women in our life...who wouldn't give a second look to the trendy shoes, in vogue dresses or the coolest new accessory, but show them a new kitchen gadget, A pretty kitchen towel or a fancy schmancy salad spinner and they would swoon.  They love spending time in their kitchens, and love pretty things for their kitchens ( and thank God for such women, or the world would never have known culinary wonders). Here's a quick and easy to make gift that is sure to please a kitchen fashionista.


A glass jar 
Marker (washable or permanent- basically anything that can draw on a jar)
Porcelain paint tube ( black)
Nailpolish - any colors of your choice ( medium to dark shades - no pastels)


drawing a design on jar using marker

1. Draw the desired pattern with a marker.

painting jar with nailpolish

painting jar with nailpolish

2. Use a nail-polish to fill inside the pattern you made. Use multiple coats to make the colors visible. Let dry for an hour.

porcelain paint on jar

3. Now use a black porcelain tube paint to draw outlines of the pattern. Keep it out in Sun for a day and let dry.

jar tied with ribbon

4. Tie a coordinating ribbon around the neck of the jar. Fill it with something Mom likes. Send her way.

I'm not sure if the paint is indestructible ( probably not) but here is a jar that I painted 4 years ago.

nailpolish painted jars
I have been using it constantly since then and it does get placed into the dishwasher every couple of weeks. So it isn't like they can't be used for long.

So there you have it...Pretty Polished Jars for Mom.

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