Thursday, June 21, 2012

Refashioned shrugs

Refashion Project: Shrugs from Tshirts

shrug from tshirt

I'm always on the lookout of inexpensive 100% cotton tees to re-purpose. There are just so many fun uses of Tshirts that one can never have too many of them. Recently I bought 10 of them in XXL size from graveyardmall for $20. And I had a lot of fun refashioning some of them into a shrug.

This shrug tutorial was on my to-do list for a while and finally with my latest batch of Tshirts I made it. The shrug is just perfect, looks very similar to the tutorial. Which makes me happy.The only thing is that its kind of hard to take pics of without wearing it. Well, you could always jump to the original tut for the modeled shots.

So one thing pinned from Pinterest! Done and done!! What are you making from your pinterest trove?

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