Monday, August 27, 2012

Rolled hem fabric flowers

Rolled Hem Flowers Sewing Tutorial
fabric flower tutorial

Knit scraps single color or multiple coordinating colors ( This is a great scrap buster project)
Button - 1 (optional )

Approximate Time: 10 minutes 


cutting fabric circles
1. Cut 3-5 circles of different diameters from knit fabrics. My largest circle was about 1.25 inches radius and the smallest one was less than half inch. These do not have to be perfect circles. Just do your best.

sewing rolled hems on circles
2. Sew rolled hems along the periphery of these circles. It will be difficult to sew the smaller circles so don't try to be perfect again just the best effort. Here's a very good tutorial on rolled hems.

layering the flower
3. Once you have made rolled hem on all the circles layer them one over the other, starting with the largest. Do not try to layer them perfectly, place each layer slightly off center for a more realistic flowery look. snip any loose threads.

sewing the flower
4. Once you are happy with the look, hand-sew it on anything your would like to embellish. A couple of stitches just the way you would sew a button would be enough to make it stay. Or if its safe for your child, sew a button in the center.

rolled fabric flower pattern
5. No reason to stop. Make many many more!

rolled hem fabric flowers tutorial
6. Of many, many kinds!

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