Monday, September 24, 2012

Durathon Digital Iron by Hamilton Beach: Product Review and a giveaway

Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron Review
Hamilton beahc iron giveaway and product review

Recently Hamilton Beach contacted me to ask if I would be interested in testing out their new iron called Durathon. They thought that it is the best iron in the market till date and wanted to see if I would share their confidence. Since iron is a must have tool in any sewing room, I thought it was a great idea to test their claims about this new iron.

I received my iron about three weeks ago and I tested it right away. Hmm, a bit heavier and sturdier than my earlier iron. My earlier iron used to drip like crazy and I was wondering if there was any truth to Hamilton Beach's claims of Anti Drip iron.
But oops! this one dripped some water too, but before writing them an email about it I decided to check the water level in my iron.."Oops I filled it above the maximum level"...aha! So I tried again a couple of times with water below the "Max" mark and it has never dripped afterwards. Lesson learned.

The representative who contacted me claimed that this iron has a lot of steam ( no pun intended), oh boy was she ever right! It does give out a lot of steam which makes ironing much easier and faster. I also tried it on "No steam" setting and it still heats up well. Here I could clearly see the difference between this iron and my old one. I used them both to fuse vinyl and this one does it much faster than my old iron.

The only thing I would change in the design is its fabric type selection system..I found it kind of counter-intuitive. I prefer the old dial method of fabric type selection. Other than that I love this new iron and use it practically everyday. i haven't compared it to every iron in the market but against my old iron it wins hands down, plus Hamilton Beach gives it a 10 year warranty (10 years!!!!) for its non-stick sole plate that they claim is virtually indestructible.

Now how would you like to win one of these irons? Hamilton Beach graciously offered to giveaway this iron to one of our readers. Here are the simple rules:

  • Giveaway for US residents only.
  • Leave a comment on this post with your email id to enter the giveaway. Comments without email id will be deleted/disregarded.  you could leave email id in the following format [your id]at[gmail/yahoo/hotmail] if you are concerned about spam.
  • Do not leave multiple comments
  • Giveaway closes on Sunday Oct 7, at midnight PST

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