Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sewing tutorials for fall: Blooms And Bugs 2011

I thought it will be fun to glance at my archives and see what I made last fall. A lot of clothing patterns I made brought back happy memories, both of sewing them as well as doing things while wearing them. Some of them brought a lot of recognition as well. Here are some of my favorites from last October.

halter neck dress sewing tutorial
This Grow And Gather Dress was my first tutorial for Moda. I really fell in love with this beautiful print by Deb Strain ( Meadow Friends Collection). My daughter wore it last month and someone said that it was my best creation so far. Well! I may differ with that but I love this dress.

knotted hat sewing tutorial

This Devil's Advocate Hat was part of my Halloween Projects. I was much less confident about my sewing at the time and every project was kind of "will it work..won't it work?" project. But I think this hat turned out rather cute. And looked even more adorable on my little model.

sewing a long sleeved tee
 Here is the Nordic Prince Shirt that was the part of my Sew  Easy series.

how to add sleeves to a short sleeved tee
When I posted the tutorial Octoberize Your Tee, I just meant to present a practical solution of kids summer clothes getting shorter in winter. I never expected it will strike such a chord with my readers. apparently, you guys love practical projects as much as the cute ones ( maybe more). It has been featured in the newsletters of All Free Sewing many times over the year and has brought in lots of traffic. Who knew?

coveralls sewing tutorial
These Rumble Tumble Coveralls weren't posted in October, but they have been such a big hit that I had to include them in the list. My daughter wore hers throughout the year, until they were about 2 inches too short.

So that was my roundup of fall sewing tutorials from last year. I had fun going down the memory lane. How about you, have you seen all of them earlier or did you see some you missed the first time around. I'm thinking of doing another spin on one of these. Any guesses which one?

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