Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Layer Cake Dress

The birthday dress! Little Missy's choice!
Yes the little monkey caught a glimpse of a similar dress in a Sew N Show at sewingmamas.com. She fell real bad for the birthday cake dress, so much so that she wouldn't let me shut down the computer nor change the window until I made her one. I don't remember her being this pleased with anything I ever made her. I had to stop in the middle of 'making' the cake as it was her bedtime. What do you know! she took the dress with her and kept it near her pillow while she slept.
Totally, one hundred percent worth it project!
I do have the construction pictures so I will be writing a tutorial for this sometime soon. But first I have to finish 36751 projects that are lying half finished in my sewing room.
Until next time!

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