Friday, November 2, 2012

21 Day Self Discipline Challenge - day 2




So how did I do on Day 1?
My mini project was to clean my cutting table. My cutting table also doubles up as ironing board, transit area for stuff that is coming from the first floor and general dumping ground for everything that can't be put back in its place. Needless to say it got cluttered, so much so that I had trouble sewing/cutting anything. The clock shows that it took me 1.5 hour to clean up everything, but I had to take an urgent call in between so it really took me an hour to clean up everything. Not bad, right?
For my big project I'm taking up cleaning the whole house. Since Diwali is coming, it makes a lot of sense to add this project to the challenge. For those who don't know about Diwali, its a Hindu Festival ( Holiday). It is a custom to clean the home thoroughly before the festival, because it is believed that Goddess Laxmi blesses clean homes with prosperity on Diwali.
And whats a challenge without a curve-ball - for me its coming today when I fast the whole day and host 4 families in the evening. Its Karwa Chauth today, when women fast for their husband's longevity. They eat or drink anything only after they see moon in the evening. So I will be fasting and then in the evening some friends are coming over for celebrating by having feast together. We will see how the challenges go during the time.

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