Thursday, January 10, 2013

Raglan Tshirt Pattern ( 2T) and Tutorial

Blooms And Bugs: Raglan shirt free pdf pattern
raglan tshirt pattern
Here is a really fun boy print from Clothworks. Its called City Streets by Jamie Wood. When I received the fabric, the first thing that came to my mind was Raglan Tshirts. However, all the TShirts need to have some stretch in them which is not present in cotton wovens. I kept thinking about how I could use the prints I liked so much and still have the flexibility of TShirts. Finally I found the answer, I just need to mix in some knits and we will be good to go. So I made one Raglan Tee, and then I made some more, and I love them all.
Estimated time: 1 hour  
Complexity: Beginner  
Supplies: Half yard City Streets Print from Clothworks ( SKU- Y0980-31) Half yard Knit fabric in coordinating color  
Pattern: Download the pdf pattern for Raglan Tshirt ( size -2T). Print on 8.5 inch X11 inch paper with no margin.
pattern for sewing raglan tshirts
The pattern should look like this once you put the pages together. Sewing margin : 3/8 inch  
cutting out the tshirt pattern
1. Cut out the pattern pieces

sewing the raglan tee
2. Sleeves and body are sewn together just like in peasant dresses tutorial ( look at the step 2).

cutting out the cuff and neck bands
3. Cut out the neckbands and cuffs for the sleeves. The rule of thumb I use is that they are two-third+1 inch of the length we need to cover and 3 inches wide.

sewing the bands
4. Sew the shorter ends( right sides together)

fold the bands in half
5. Fold in half onto themselves.

pin and sew the cuffs
6. Align the raw edges of the band and the sleeves, pin and sew.

attaching cuffs to the sleeves
7. Turn out!

attaching the neck band to teh Tshirt
8. Do the same for the neckline.
9. I had also added a knit fabric band at the bottom of the first shirt I made. For that I took a 5 inch wide band about two inch shorter than the hem length and sew it at the hem in the same way as we did the cuffs and neck band. In the second shirt I just folded the hemline twice to hem it. You could do whichever way you like better but if you are planning on adding a band at the bottom, remove the bottom 2 inches from the pattern to allow for the extra length.

Raglan Tee sewing tutorial
Rinse and repeat
Check out my Free Sewing Tutorials at Blooms And Bugs for more sewing patterns and ideas for your kids and yourself.
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  1. So cute, and the perfect size for my boys! I think this pattern is going on my weekend to-do list. Thank you for sharing.

  2. @Theresa: Great! Do let me know how it went.


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