Friday, January 18, 2013

What makes it all worth it!

I always thought that the biggest reward of sewing and blogging was to sew something for our kids and make them smile. Whenever I see pictures of kids wearing something that one of you made with my designs, I can't help but smile.
However, all that changed yesterday when I received this message in my facebook account from MJ:

Hello, I was inspired by your tutorial and pattern of knotted baby hats. I have used your pattern to make hats for newborn babies as 26 acts of kindness, in honor of each of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. I recycled black and orange and white OK State t-shirts for the OSU medical center in Tulsa Oklahoma. I hope you are OK with this. MJ

I am touched beyond words. Although it was MJ who took the initiative and blessed others with her gift of sewing and generosity, I feel honored that the "Knotted baby hat design" was part of her acts of kindness. Thank you so much MJ. The world is so much better because of people like you.

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