Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Latest Sewing Project: Tulip Dress

Sewing Project: Tulip Hem Kimono Dress
sew a kimono style wrap dress
I'm here, and I have been sewing... but I'm trying to take better pictures of my projects. It was my new year resolution to get better at this whole photography business.

sewing a tulip hem wrap dress
 That means taking pictures in sunlight and that means unnecessary delay for people like me who are out of home most of the day. But I have finally been able to take some pics ( go me!) - on manual ( yaay!).

Although these aren't the greatest pictures, at least I understand the meaning ( and effect) of ISO now.

By the way, the dress above is a kimono style wrap dress with a tulip hem. I tried to make it a little mismatched on purpose. Though I'm not sure about it now...I have to try and leave my comfort zone often to experiment. Yep! Another new year resolution.

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