Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sewing tutorials Roundup: Pretty Pillows to Sew

Pillow Sewing Tutorials Compilation
coastal cruiser pillow sewing tutorial
Coastal Cruiser Pillow Sewing Tutorial by Tula Pink
I did a Sew For Home month in March on my other blog Sew Pretty Sew Free. Before that I had a vague idea that there are maybe a couple of cute pillows sewing tutorials in the blogosphere, but when I started researching sew for home tutorials I was blown away by the gorgeous pillows that were popping up in the form of sewing tutorials with an alarming regularity. So many that my daily sewing tutorials on Sew Pretty Sew Free became a roundup of tutorials whenever I featured pillows there. I just had to compile them into a Top 10 Pillow Sewing Tutorials Hub just to document so many cute tutorials somewhere.

I have tried to focus on different techniques and ideas in this hub rather than just showcasing pretty pillows with similar techniques. So take a look and let me know if I did well. If you have some good pillow tutorials hiding in your mailbox, be good, share them with all of us.

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