Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bloomers sewing pattern and tutorial

Bloomers pdf sewing Pattern
Bloomers Sewing pattern

Remember this peasant dress pattern, I made these sometimes back and promised you a tutorial for the matching bloomers. Well, it took me some time, but the bloomers tutorial is finally here:

Half yard main fabric
6 inches coordinating fabric
1 yard Waistband elastic 1/2 inch - 1 inch wide 

1.5 hours

Sewing margin:
3/8 inch unless otherwise specified


Download the free pdf pattern for bloomers ( 2t size). Print it on 8.5X11 inch paper ( A4 size) with margins set to zero.

sewing inseams on both legs

Cut the pattern pieces and sew the inseams on both the legs. Serge both the seams.

sewing the inseam
Turn one of the legs inside out and slip it inside the other leg. Align the crotch area on both legs and sew a seam. Serge along the seam.

basic bloomers
Turn inside out.

preparing the ruffle
Cut a strip 2.5 inches wide X twice the circumference of each leg opening. Sew the smaller ends, right sides together.

hemming a fabric strip
Fold twice along one of the raw edges and sew.

how to ruffle fabric

Set the machine on highest speed, longest stitch length and high tension and sew a seam along the other raw edge, leave a long thread tail after sewing. This will ruffle the fabric. Now spread the ruffles evenly by hand such that the ruffled strip becomes equal to the leg opening of the bloomers.
Line up raw edges of the ruffle and bloomers ( right sides together) and sew a seam to join them. Repeat for the other leg.

I don't have pictures of finishing the waist-band, but its quite easy to do. Fold the top of the bloomers quarter inch on the inside, iron and sew a seam. Now fold it again 1.5 inch on the inside, iron and sew but leave an opening of 2 inches. Now use a safety pin to thread a half inch to one inch wide elastic through this opening. The rule of thumb I use for the elastic length is 2.5 inches lesser than the waist of the child. Once you have threaded the elastic, sew the ends together and sew the opening shut.
..See! cute little bloomers.