Monday, June 24, 2013

Tulip Hem Dress Sewing Pattern

Dress Free Pattern: Kimono Wrap dress with Tulip Hem
Tulip Hem Wrap Dress Free Sewing Pattern

Sometime back I shared with you how to sew a Tulip Hem. Now I'm back with the complete tutorial and free pattern for sewing the wrap dress with tulip hem.

Its a great and easy sew project if you are comfortable sewing with bias tape. If you are not...well..then its a great project to make you comfortable with bias tape :)

Tulip Hem Dress Sewing Pattern

Half yard for skirt
2 fat quarters for bodice
Bias Tape - 2 yards

2-3 hours

Skill Level:
Confident Beginner

Techniques Used:
Sewing with Bias Tape
Sewing Ric-Racs
Sewing Tulip Hems

cut out the pattern pieces
Step 1: Cut out the pattern pieces

sew the shoulder seams together
Step 2: Sew the bodice pieces along the shoulders ( right sides together), such that each front piece is attached to one shoulder of the back piece.

sew the sides seams
Step 3: Also sew along the sides. Here is how the bodice will look at this point.

finish neckline with bias tape
Step 4: Sew bias tape along the edge of neckline.

the finished bodice
Step 5. Here is how it will look once you are done.

sewing the tulip hem to teh bodice
Step 6: Prepare the Tulip Hem Skirt according to the tutorial here. Attach it to the bodice by sewing right sides together.

finishing armholes, sewing buttons
Step 7: Finish the armholes by sewing 1/4 inch bias tape.
Step8. Sew buttonholes on the sides at the front of the part that is going to come in front. Sew buttons on the inner part of the front.

Tulip dress sewing tutorial
Put the dress on your cutie! Admire!

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