Monday, August 5, 2013

Reader Spotlight: Jenya Thompson from While She was Sleeping

Reader Appreciation Month: Reader Spotlight: Jenya Thompson of While She Was Sleeping

August is Reader Appreciation Month here at Blooms And Bugs. Throughout this month, I will be showcasing your projects, spot-lighting my readers, answering your questions...basically its all about you. Actually, its always all about you but this month I'm just being a bit more vocal about it, because without you, my wonderful readers this won't be a very fun place to hang out.

Today, I'm focusing the spotlight on one of my amazing readers - Jenya Thompson. Jenya is what I can call an early adopter of Blooms And Bugs. She was commenting on my posts, liking them on facebook and craftsy at a time when I didn't use to get many ( any ) comments. If you are a blogger like me you would understand how encouraging and inspiring it is to hear back from your readers. One way communication is never a lot of fun and it was really great to have Jenya stop by and tell me when I posted something good or when I wrote something about sewing that resonated with her.

Newborn Gift Set, While She Was Sleeping

Jenya lives in Australia with her husband and her beautiful daughter and sews and sells kids clothes made with the natural fibers on her facebook page While She Was Sleeping. I have always loved looking at her creations on facebook, so I wasn't at all surprised when she emailed me one day and said that she was thinking of starting a sewing blog. In fact, I think she should have done that a long time ago.

Bluebell Reversible Skirt Sewing Tutorial
Bluebell Skirt Sewing Tutorial, While She Was Sleeping

So these days Jenya blogs at While She Was Sleeping and in addition to selling clothes, she also posts great sewing tutorials like this Electronics Case Tutorial ( on my To Do list for a long time) and this cute Bluebell Skirt Tutorial. She is kind of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing tutorials and she makes sure everything is laid out clearly before she publishes them. I actually try to remember her when I write my tutorials these days because she does such a great job at them.

electronics case DIY
Electronics Case DIY, While She Was Sleeping

Great work Jenya, Love your blog and love that you take time to read Blooms And Bugs and leave your feedback.

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