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Blooms And Bugs: My Story

I'm Anshu. I am an Asian Indian currently living in CA, USA. Sewing is a skill that I picked up from my Aunt ( Dad's sister) when I was a child. I loved making clothes for my dolls myself, often they were really bad, sometimes though, I would make something wearable. I sort of took a break from sewing and crafting to focus on studies, 'coz that's what you're supposed to do ( in India at least). I still couldn't stop sewing altogether. I still used to break out our old Singer sewing machine ( Yup! manual not electric) during summer vacations. Then I grew up and moved out of home to study further ( 'coz that's what you're supposed to do ) and the sewing breaks grew longer.

Then I moved out of country, to USA (' know ). I would still look at all the pretty clothes every now and then and would wish if I could sew again...This dry spell sort of broke when we had a baby girl in the family and we went all the way to Europe to see her. I took out my basic brother sewing machine, bought some fabric, trims and a pattern from Walmart ( I know!) and whipped up not one but 3 dresses for her. After a long time I realized what a joy it was to sew. I was pretty happy with my handiwork until I saw the baby, she was so tiny. I was told by her mom that the she could finally wear them an year later. Then we came back and found that we were expecting ourselves....I sort of forgot all about sewing, crafting amid all the flurry of activity and morning sickness that comes with pregnancy. Finally, I got some moments to myself when I went on maternity leave. Thats when I thought about all the cool things I wanted to do for the baby. I went into full nesting mode and made dresses, diapers, wash-clothes and what not. They were all horrible...but I didn't care I was just happy to be able to sew again.

Then we had the baby, and life became busier again. I went to back to work shortly afterwards, and life got chaotic...amid all the madness of being a first time parent and working full time, the only reason I didn't give up sewing was that I had a princess to dress now. How could I not make her all the cool things that I used to see on all these creative bogs. Oh the blogs! By the time my daughter was born, my blog-list had expanded from a couple to a couple dozen, and I saw things that I had to make. Sometime it worked and sometime it didn't...but I always tried to learn new things and kept sewing. Finally my husband couldn't bear seeing me work that basic machine( or was it noise?) and gifted me a pre-owned Babylock Ellageo. It is one of the best gifts ever. I was hooked. After about two years of sewing, mostly by trial and I'm sharing my journey here...with you. It is far from complete...and I am far from being a good seamstress. But its one heck of a journey.

Sew on!

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