Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

No, I haven't forgotten about the blog I have...Not for a day. In fact, I missed blogging here so much. But I had to draw a line somewhere before I killed myself trying to do all the things, all at the same time.

I was working on my dream, dream of having a kids clothing boutique someday...The dream of being know for having the most stylish, most beautiful, stunning and gorgeous clothes for little girl. The kind of place every mom wants to dress her princess from. It may not sound like a big one like changing the world, eradicating poverty etc, but for me it is a huge dream...and its a dream I need to work on, before I could do anythings else.

And it is also a dream that scares the daylights out of me because I can never contemplate what not living up to this dream would feel like. I just dont have the nerve...I just dont want to think about it..not yet.

Right now, I'm just working. Plugging away every morning. Finishing up the orders, working on new designs. Packing those boxes. Ordering supplies...trying not to think too much. Just breathe.

To tell you the truth, I didn't know if it will work, I didn't know what will work? When a friend said that maybe I should price a bit lower because I am new...I shrugged. This is the best I can do, if I get any lower it will stop making sense for me financially. But in my mind, I was wondering...maybe she is right, maybe I should decrease $10 and see....

I didn't even want to share about these dresses here, on my own blog...because I just wasn't ready. I wasn't confident. Looking back over the last three months, that seems like the silliest things to do...but I found plenty of reasons to rationalize it....
"Oh! I don't want to use my blog to pedal things", "Oh! only crafters visit my blog..they want to learn to make things, not buy handmade things"...and so on.

And then the unthinkable happened...somebody ordered one of the dresses! "Oh they are friends, they are being nice!" I thought. When the little girl wore the dress to her birthday party...look another order, "Must be a fluke! not to mention another friend being nice", and then an order from online store, from a total stranger..."Huh? Guess somebody would really pay me to make these. No really?" And then it happened, a dress here, an accessory there, a custom request from someone, a rush order from somebody else..."What the...!". And then the panic... "How on earth I'm going to make all these orders?"

I'm practically living in tulle town these days and somehow now I have enough confidence to present my second baby to you all. And I'm feeling like a mean mom who suddenly wants to own her child because she is beautiful ( or rich) after abandoning her when she was not...but I'm just going to seize this opportunity and introduce Blooms And Bugs to you and go on my guilt trip later.

Blooms And Bugs sells made to order special occasion dresses and accessories for little girls. Look us up for the flower girl dresses, birthday outfits, Halloween Costumes and accessories for your little one.

I know most of you like to make things for your little ones, but if you know someone who is looking to buy special occasion dresses or Halloween costumes for their kids, I will deeply appreciate your recommendation.

And if you have made this far, and feeling a bit, you know, serious, heavy about all the stuff written above....Lets play a game, you know, to just loosen up things a bit around here.

One of the dresses featured above was designed for my daughter's birthday, at her request...can you guess which one? And while you are at it...why don't you vote for your favorite...just for fun :)

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