Saturday, May 7, 2011

Embellish your scarf

How to stitch with satin ribbon
I embellished my scarf in two ways and I'll show you both here:

1. Narrow satin ribbon embrodiery

This is a very easy embellishment. Just thread some narrow satin ribbon through the eye of an upholstery needle ( Mine was 1/8 inches wide)
satin ribbon embroidery diy

Now tie a knot at one end of the ribbon. Turn your tubular scarf inside out and sew running stitches across the length of the scaf ( or in whatever fashion you want). The benefit of having loose weave fabric is that pulling ribbon through the fabric will be effortless.
embellishing with satin ribbon

how to stitch with satin ribbon

Once you embroider the length you wanted tie another knot in the ribbon and cut it after the knot.
See how easy. Now make some more lines in some more colors. I wanted my scarf to be pastel but colorful. So I went with two colors. You can add more, add brighter colors etc.
Another option is to use 5-6 ply of embroidery floss, wool etc instead of ribbon, Or use narrow strips of other fabrics. As I said, possibilities are practically endless.
Now turn the scarf inside out. You're done.

2. Fabric flower strip:
making fabric roses

See the flower strip at the bottom! Here's how I made it.
Cut 2 inches wide strips of the same fabric as the scarf.
Join all these together to make a long strip. Serge on all four sides. If you don't have a serger, you can sew on a bias tape, make a 2 inch wide tube instead of strip or you can just turn the sides.

Now roll this strip in the form of flower from one end, and hand sew on the scarf where we joined the two pieces to the main scarf body.
fabrci roses diy
Now twist the strip into another flower right next to the first one. Hand sew this one down too
diy roses
There is really no right or wrong way to do it. Just twist the strip in a way that appears pleasing to your eyes and sew it. Keep doing this until you cover the complete width of the scarf. Now you have a flower vine across your scarf. Cut the remaining strip and tuck the end beneath the closest flower petals. Secure it with a stitch or two. You're done with one end. Repeat the same with another end.

You might have noticed that this will also hide the serged line that was appearing because of joining two extra pieces to the main body of scarf, but honestly, there're many far easier way to hide it. You could sew on a ribbon, bias tape or just leave as is. On my fabric, those serged edges were not looking bad at all, but I just wanted to ave some flowers on this scarf, thats why I embellished it like this.