Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The perfect birthday dress

Sewing a dress for birthday party
stars cake
Once upon a time a fairly new mom was planning to celebrate her little one's first birthday party. She chose an excellent theme, found great vendors for food and cake, hired Tinkerbell to entertain the little one and her friends. She even found a superb photographer to capture those fleeting moments, but when it came to little one's birthday dress, she was at sea. She searched high and low, but couldn't find anything that will suit the occasion. You see, she knew how to sew a little, so whenever she saw a dress that might work, she didn't like the finish...whenever she liked the finish,  it didn't work with the theme, whenever it matched the theme, it didn't fit the little one. "I can make one of those..." she whispered again and again, until fairly new dad said..."Well, why don't you?" So they stopped looking for dresses, went to the nearest fabric shop, got a few things and the fairly new mom sat down to create "the perfect birthday dress". Time and again she panicked, thinking that she would ruin it and would have to run to the store at the 11th hour to get one of those dress that she looked down upon, but she still kept at it, and surprise! surprise! It finally begin to look like a dress. With a lot of apprehension, she tried it on the little one...and surprise! it fit her well too...
So here's the perfect birthday dress:

sewing a dress for birthday party

Close up of Bodice:
star themed party dress

The back:
star themed dress

As you can see, its far from perfect, but I made it and my daughter wore it on her first birthday. Thankfully nobody asked "Did she change into PJs already?". That's perfect as far as I'm concerned
By the way, The party theme was Stars.