Monday, August 8, 2011

Fit for a princess

Princess Gloves Sewing Tutorial
princess gloves pattern

Once upon a time, there was a teeny-tiny princess. She was beautiful and always dressed impeccably. She knew what to wear when, and whatever she wore it always looked good.
One day princess had to throw a party, she chose a beautiful pink dress for the occasion, and beautiful pink shoes. She had just the right crown to go with them.
 But when it came to gloves, princess was lost...where did she keep them? In the closet? In the dresser? On the nightstand? Where, Oh where could my gloves be? She looked everywhere, but couldn't find them.
Princess was perplexed, how could she go to the party without her gloves, but how will she find them? Then she remembered she knew a seamstress, who could just make them for her. She asked the seamstress, seamstress laughed - who misses the chance to dress a princess. Sure she would make them, after all, nobody says no to a princess.
So the seamstress got to work and delivered the gloves, just in time for the party. Princess put on her gloves, and smiled. Her outfit was complete!

Does your princess need gloves too?

I took about a fat quarter of Lace for main fabric and a fat quarter of flannel for the lining to make these gloves for a 3 year old.

I didn't have the child to measure but if you have the wearer with you, its always better to measure. From the back of the middle finger (at the point where finger is attached to the hand), measure how long you want the gloves to be. Add 1 inch for seam allowance. Lets call it L1.

Also measure the length from back of middle finger to just below the wrist. Around the place where a watch would sit. Lets call this L2.

Measure around the wrist. Add 1.5 inches for seam allowances. Lets call it W1.
Measure arm around the end point of glove.  Add 1.5 inches for seam allowances. Lets call it W2.

Now lets draft the pattern with these measurements:

At one edge of paper measure L1.  Lets call the end points A and B.

At the end of L1 draw a perpendicular line W2/2. Lets call its end point C.
From the begininng of L1, measure L2. At point L2 draw a perpendicular line W1/2. Lets call it D.

Join the ends of the two perpendicular lines ( C and D)
Join D to the beginning of L1 - making a triangle at the top. Use this diagonal line as a guide to draw a curve from L1 start point to point B.

In the above diagram line between C and D is looking much more slanted. In reality its almost straight.  So don't get confused if your pattern doesn't look exactly like the diagram above, just go with you measurements.

This is your pattern, cut it out.

Now cut two pieces of main fabric on the fold. Cut two pieces of lining on the fold.
Mark point D on all four pieces ( 8 layers).

how to sew gauntlets
Now place Lining and main fabric right sides together and sew along the curved Line from point D n one side to the other side point D. When you're close to the peak of the glove, insert a small elastic loop between the two layers, sew over it 3-4 times to secure in place.
princess gauntlets tutorial

Cut small notches along the curved seam, taking care not to cut into the seams. Now open at the seam you just sewed and join sides of the lining right sides together continue when you reach the seam to sew main fabric right sides together.
diy princess gloves

how to sew gloves for princess costume
Now turn the whole thing inside out. Push lining back into the main fabric.

diy princess gloves
Make sure the all the edges have been turned out properly. Now tuck the raw edges in, by sandwiching them between main fabric and lining at the bottom of the glove. Top-stitch.

princess gauntlets diy

Repeat for the other glove.

Embellish if you want.

Put on your princess.