Monday, October 31, 2011

More Tees Octoberized

This weekend was busy busy! but some more Octoberized Tees made it under the wire...

I found these really cool boyish tees at Walmart ( gasp!) on clearance in Munchkin's size and for $2.50 each just couldn't pass them up. It took about 15 mins each and both of them went from half sleeved to full sleeved.

I almost added Ric-rac to the sleeve cuffs..almost. And I still think it would look cool...ok, stop shaking that head! I have been sewing for girls for a couple of years now, what do you expect? Besides, Ric-rac is better than ruffles don't you think? But that's an idea.

The green one had this cool applique on the front, which I thought deserves a pic of its own.
Did you octoberized any of your tees?

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