Monday, March 12, 2012

Irish Charm ruffled skirt

Free Sewing tutorial: Irish Charm Ruffled Skirt
Skirt Sew pattern free


Two coordinating knit fabrics or Tshirts
Elastic (1/4 inch wide)
Grosgrain ribbon


If you're using Tshirts to make this, cut a 6 inch wide strip from the bottom of Tshirt, including its hem. The benefit of using Tshirts is that you could use the hem as an elastic casing. Just unpick a few stitches from both ends of the strip.

Sew a seam at the 6 inch sides ( right sides together)

Cut a 5 inches strip from the coordinating knit.

Set your machine tension on high, stitch length maximum and sew a seam on one of the raw sides of the strip. This will gather the strip.
Sew a seam on the shorter sides ( right sides together).

Cut another 5 inches strip and repeat the above steps.

Draw a line at two and half inches from the bottom of first tier.

Sew the gathered strip to strip 1 along this line.

Sew the other gathered strip at the bottom of strip 1.

Tie a small bow with the grosgrain ribbon, sew it on the skirt.

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