Monday, April 9, 2012

Sewing pattern and tutorial - tiered layered skirt

Free Sewing TutorialL Tiered Layered Skirt This tutorial was a guest post at Truly Lovely. Posting it here in case you missed it first time around.

This skirt reminds me of upcoming summer in so many ways. I love the beautiful orange and grey combo and the bow at the waistband seems like a flag on a sailboat. I'm calling this Sail Away Skirt.

This skirt is made with 3 coordinating knits and is embellished with a grosgrain bow.

Sail Away skirt in size 2T 


3 coordinating knits

Knit 1 - 24 inches wide X 7.5 inches long
Knit 2 - 36 inches wide X 5.5 inches long

Knit 3 - 36 inches wide X 4.5 inches long

Grosgrain Ribbon (5/8 inch wide) - 10 inches

Elastic (1/2 inch wide) - 19 inches



Cut three wide strips from 3 coordinating knits. Strip 1 is 24 inches X 7 inches. Strip 2 is 36 inches X 6 inches and strip 3 is 36 inches X 4.5 inches.


Sew the shorter ends together on all the strips ( right sides together)

Fold the Strip 1  quarter inch inside an sew a seam.
Sew a seam on one side of Strip 2 and Strip 3 each with the longest stitch length, pull the bobbin thread to gather each of them until they both become equal to Strip 1.

Baste the Strip 3 ( the one you plan on becoming the inner layer of second tier) to the raw side of Strip 1 ( Wrong sides together). Yes these will be joined wrong sides together.


This is how it will look from the right side once you're done.


Baste Strip 3 to the Strip 1 (Right sides together this time) Try to align the side seams on Strip 1 an Strip 3 while you're at it, though its not that important.


This is how it will look once both layers are attache to Tier 1. Top-stitch along the seam. I used zigzag to do it, but I would just do a straight if I were to do it again.

Fold the top of the skirt 1 inch again. Sew a seam while leaving a gap of 1 inch to insert elastic. Insert the elastic and sew the opening shut.


Make a bow using three ribbon pieces as shown by pics above.


Hand sew it to the waistband of the skirt. Finish the raw edge of top layer with a rolled hem. Finish the inner layer with by folding the raw edge twice.

Now go make some sand castles...or chase some butterflies! Sail away!

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