Monday, May 21, 2012

Sewing Machine 911: Free class from craftsy

Free SEwing Class: Sewing Machine 911

Did you always want to formally learn how to sew...but never had the chance to go outside of home to actually do it? Welcome to the club. I sew a lot and I have always felt that I could improve my skills and techniques much faster if I could join a sewing class and take some lessons from experts. The only problem is that with a full time day job, and an energetic toddler who needs constant attention I hardly have time to breathe. Going out again for a sewing class is really out of question.

Well, Craftsy has a nice solution to this problem. They have a number of online video classes that are made for people like us. We could watch the videos according to our pace and learn from the experts. In fact, I just bought their class called Jeanius. I haven't started the course yet, but I'm really excited to check it out and hopefully construct my own fabulous jeans.

So why I'm telling you about all this - Because Craftsy is offering one of their classes - Sewing Machine 911 - for FREE. Yep! Totally free. And from what I have seen of Craftsy, It is highly unusual of them to do it. So go register for the class, because you never know when the offer will end.

When Craftsy contacted me to let you know about this class, I just went and registered for it myself to check out what it is about. Since, I have been sewing for a while now, I didn't really expect to learn much from a basic sewing course. But that was so not the case...I did learn a number of things from the course. So I highly recommend you check it out.

I also love Craftsy for the amazing platform they give to crafters. You could show your completed projects, sell your handcrafted items and patterns. All for free. So while you're there, take a look at their most popular projects, browse the craftsy blog, take a look at all the free patterns available. And don't forget to say hi to me - I go by the name camomma over there.

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