Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dungaree/Shortalls for toddlers

Shortalls Sewing Project shortalls sewing

Did you take a look at summer spring catalog for Mini Boden? I like to flip through their pages for inspiration. In this edition, I was struck by their cute Dungaree/shortalls for toddlers. I made the above pair of shortalls inspired by their designs.

dungaree bodice front
A close-up of bodice front

shortalls back
Here's the back. Don't you just love those back pockets. Perfect for a toddler who has just discovered the joy of pockets.

dungaree back
                                  Close up of the back bodice

I tried to go wild with embellishments on these, ric-rac, iron-ons, appliques? yes and yes!
Somehow the stripey main fabric doesn't work for me ( or my toddler) still. I didn't use my first choice in fabrics because I kind of wanted to try out the pattern first. So the pattern works ( but I still have a few more tweaks in mind) but the fabric just doesn't. Hopefully my next iteration will be much better. Oh yes, there's going to be a next iteration. These are way too cute to leave them alone after just one try.

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