Monday, July 9, 2012

Poppy Fields Dress - I could probably make it myself

Sewing Project: Poppy Fields Maxi Dress

It seems like everywhere I look people are sewing/fixing/wearing maxi dresses these days. I looked at some of the designs available and had a thought I usually have while shopping "That doesn't look too hard, I can probably make it myself."
See thats the side effect of being a sewing enthusiast, you can never shop for clothing without getting this nagging thought... "I could probably make this myself". If you're just starting to sew, promise yourself never to give up shopping for clothes...because it gets harder and harder as you get better and better at sewing.

Anyway, back to my thoughts, so I went home, took an inventory of what I had in my stash and finally decided that three of the XL size garments I was hoarding needed to be hacked. After a lot of hacks and 'flying by the seat of my pants' design elements, finally I'm happy with the results.

Say hello to my Poppy Fields Maxi Dress!
I actually love the way it turned out, but what really sold me was how comfortable it was ( very!). Quoting another blogger on maxi dresses "Its like wearing your PJs in public." I agree.
I have taken pictures of construction so I'll do a sort of mini tutorial on what I did one of these days.
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