Monday, October 29, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

First there was this Layer Cake Dress then the Pumpkin Pie Dress and now this blown up Cake Playfood/Pincushion. Whats up with this sudden sugar overload at the Blooms And Bugs.

Well! Here is a little tidbit about me ( which you are dying to know, I am sure) - I don't usually eat cake at parties. Since we are vegetarian, we don't eat eggs which rules out most of the cakes, pies etc for me. At our own parties we do get cakes without eggs so we just load up on it. We did it on our daughter's birthday party a couple weeks back.
Anyhow, lately I have been trying to curb sugar in my diet. As a result, whenever I think of a project some trigger goes off in my mind and I end up making some sweet or the other. It doesn't help that the little one has a sweet tooth and is willing to wear it on her sleeve ( or dress front in her case).
The cake above is my first project for Pellon, keeping my fingers crossed that it gets published soon.

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