Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Revamp: Floral Fleece Scarf Tutorial

Here is another edition of Fall Wardrobe revamp 2012.

My friend Ashi and I have been exchanging a lot of style notes lately ( read: I pin everything she pins on internet, I listen very carefully when she tells what is in fashion or how to pair things from wardrobe). Recently I participated in a Scarf making challenge hosted by Rikka of Ricochet and Away. I just made a simple fleece scarf and called it a day. However, I shared her inspiration board with Ashi.
She quickly emailed to say that she loved this scarf on the board. I told her that it doesn't look very difficult to make and that I had all the materials needed to make it. I also warned her that it could be tedious to make and I was just not in a mood for tedious at this time of the year, but she was all up for it. Now one thing you should know about her is that she doesn't have any experience in sewing, but she is very enthusiastic and adventurous which I think more than makes up for the lack of experience. So I showed her how to do it. And she finished the scarf in....drumroll...two days! And that's working full time and doing all the household stuff as well. How awesome is that?
Here is how she did it:

Half yard fleece fabric. I think a solid color works better for this style.
Snap - one set - optional
Approximate time: 1.5 hours
Approximate cost: $5
Complexity: Beginner


1. Cut a 10 inch wide piece of fleece in your desired length for scarf. I think this style looks better when its a little shorter than regular scarf.
2. Cut circles of different sizes, about 5 per flower. Don't measure or use any bowl etc to cut the circles, imperfect circles look more natural in this project. Just eyeball and cut. Cut out enough circles to cover the entire length.
3. Layer different sized circles one over the other. Again don't center them perfectly, try to layer them in an imperfectly so it looks more natural. Fold the smallest circle in quarter and sew a stitch at the center to make it look scrunched.

4. Place the scrunched circle over the other layers and sew a couple of stitches joining all the layers together at the center

5. Repeat 3 & 4 for each flower until you cover the complete length of the scarf.
6. cut around the flowers such that the scarf main fabric becomes the largest petal. Do not cut in between the flowers.
7. Try it on and see where you would like both sides of the scarf to cross. Sew a snap at that point so the scarf stays put.

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