Monday, February 18, 2013

Fix that neckline - again!

Blooms And Bugs: Shortening a plunging neckline
Blooms And Bugs: How to fix a neckline how to fix a too bit neckline
Sometimes, a simple thing is so effective that you keep going back to it, time and again. I have found fixing the neckline to such an easy and useful technique that I keep doing it with a lot of my clothes.

shorten the neckline tutorial
This pretty top was in my favorite color, in my size and cost me $3 at Old Navy. It had a slit that went way too low for me to wear. The solution was easy. Fixed it with a leftover sweater knit from my stash and I love it now.

add a path to close a slit in tops

Yaay! for simple things that work.

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