Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Revamp 2012: Fixing the neckline mini tutorial

So how was your Black Friday shopping? Did you shopped till you drop? or you just stayed home to avoid the crowd and enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones?
I'm back with a mini tutorial for Fall Wardrobe Revamp 2012. Here are the other tutorials of the series:

Last week I showed you how to fix a neckline that's too big using paints and trim. Today I will show you how to do the same using appliques and lace.

I don't have a lot of pictures for this fix, but its pretty intuitive and I will try my best to explain it with words.

First I sew a seam along the shoulder seam to reduce the neckline from that area.

Next I measured how much of the neckline I wanted covered and cut out a rectangular piece of navy blue lace and also navy blue satin to cover that area with a little extra.

Place the lace and satin right sides together, sew a seam along one side of rectangle ( the side which will stay at the top of the neckline) to join the two fabrics.

Place the satin fabric at inside the neck and adjust how much of the neckline you want to cover with the fabric. I highly recommend hand basting the fabric to the neckline. That will give a you a good idea of how it will look on the outside. And you could also make sure that you are maintaining the shape of the neckline. I didn't do it and I later realized that the neckline was a bit skewed.
Anyhow, sew a seam where you basted earlier. Cut out the excess fabric on the inside.

Turn out. Find some scraps of fabric in the matching colors. Fuse with Wonder-Under on the wrong sides. Now cut some applique shapes that will blend in with the print of the original garment. Place at the desired location on the neck and iron without steam. Since ironing on lace is not possible, cover the applique with a cotton fabric to fuse it.  Once the appliques are fused, set machine on smallest stitch length and slowest speed and sew along the edge of appliques.
 If you look closely the applique matches the print on the dress.

A smaller and prettier neckline.

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