Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ruffle Fabric bloomers tutorial

Blooms And Bugs: Bloomer Sewing tutorial

ruffle butt bloomers tutorial

So I had shared the tutorial for sewing bloomers earlier. Now I have made the same pattern with a ruffle fabric at the butt. Here is a mini tutorial to do it.

sewing tutorial for bloomers
Cut out the bloomer pieces from the pattern. Sew along the upper part/crotch area ( right sides together)
how to sew knit bloomers
Turn inside out. Bring the seam in the center. Cut out a 5 inch X 13 inch long of ruffle fabric. Pin it 1.5 inch above the leg opening. Make sure it is centered at the back of the bloomers.

bloomers sewing pattern
Sew down both shorter ends after folding half inch inside. Now fold the top half inch and sew a seam along the top as well. Since ruffle fabric doesn't fray, I didn't finish the lower edge.

To hem the leg openings I did the lettuce hem edge. I did two rows of shirring about 1.5 inch above the hem. You could also sew on an elastic if you like.

bloomers DIY

I also took the short cut while finishing up the top of these bloomers, I just sew on a waistband elastic with the zig-zag stitch. My rule of thumb is to take the elastic 3 inches lesser than the waist measurement. Then I join both ends together, and then sew it over the bloomers with an even stretch. I pin the elastic at every quarter of the waist of bloomer so it is evenly stretched.

And that is all.

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