Sunday, February 10, 2013

T-shirt neck binding, inching out of the comfort zone

There was nothing very special about the sweater.

Just another small sweater made from a big one. But all that changed once I reached the neckline.

You see I have this fear of not getting the neck binding right on the knits, so instead of binding the neck ( like we sew a bias tape) I usually attach a neckband by sewing right sides together. Like I did in this Nordic Prince Tshirt Tutorial. I think the wavy neckline during my early experiments of sewing with knits has scarred me for life. Not that I don't find the right sides together method bad - it actually works out fine and both are used in commercially designed clothing, so its all good. However, it bugs me that I couldn't master a simple sewing technique.
Not anymore though! I can bind the Tshirt neckline alright! ( Virtual High Five) his neck is not perfect, but I'm now confident enough to try again ( and again).
Maybe one of these days, I'll be confident enough to tackle a jacket...we'll see.
To the new beginnings!

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