Monday, July 15, 2013

Rentlingo : Great new tool for house-hunters

One of the perks of living in Silicon Valley and being married to an engineer is that I'm continuously exposed to bright ideas and latest developments by the smartest people in the Information Technology industry. Its a great to know that the startup or the idea that we see today in its infancy may one day change the face of the world.

Here is one such idea from a friend which I thought might be helpful to all of us. That's the reason I am taking a break from our regular sewing chit-chat and introducing RentLingo, a great new tool to find the rentals online.

rent lingo - apartment finding website

Rentlingo prompts you to enter the zip-code of the area you want to find rental properties in.

rentlino - apartmend finder

Once you enter the area code, it then gives you a nice graphical view of the available rentals on the map. When you hover your mouse over any property flag, it gives you the summary of the rental - A picture, price etc.

I like the interface much better than the traditional house-hunt websites and I hope you would try it too when you are looking for an apartment next time.

Disclaimer: I'm not being compensated in any way by RentLingo. Its founder is just a friend and this post is just a way to give a shout out to a great new online service.

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