Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ringer Onesie Sewalong: Day 1

onesie free sewing pattern
Baby Ringer Onesie Free Sewing Pattern by Shwin and Shwin

I think Shauna of Shwin and Shwin did a great service to humankind sewingkind by sharing a free pattern and tutorial for Ringer Onesie.  A onesie is such a workhorse of baby wardrobe that no new mom can have too many of these. Since all of us have at least one friend who is expecting or just had a baby at any given point in time, these make the perfect present to keep on hand.

With that in mind I have decided to do a sew along of Shauna's Ringer onesie pattern. To be able to to follow through and really have fun making these, I'm going to go super slow. I'm thinking of spending about 15 mins  everyday prepping/cutting/sewing these and hopefully within a week or so I will have a cute handmade onesie.

Why should I participate in this sew-along?
  • Well, like I just said you probably have a preggo friend or cousin or niece or someone and these make great gifts.
  • We are going to go super slow so you could sew along easily and have a wearable project ready in a week or so. If you can't sew-along any day you could just catch up the next day.
  • This is a judgement free zone so even if you can't follow through till the end, its fine. At least you have tried.
  • I'm setting up a flickr pool specifically for this sew-along and there will be a Sew and Show at the end of Sew Along. So if you wanted to show off your talents on Blooms And Bugs here is your chance.

So lets get going...

Onesie Free Sewing Pattern

Sew Along Day 1:

and that's it for the day...see you tomorrow with your pattern print outs...
Happy Sewing!

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