Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ringer Onesie Sewalong - Day 3 - Cut the fabric

Ringer Onesie Sew Along Day 3: Cutting the fabric
ringer onesie sew along day 3

Hey today is the day 3 of ringer onesie sewalong. We picked our fabrics and cut out our pattern pieces yesterday. Lets put them to good use today.
Today's task: Cut out the pattern pieces in the fabric you picked. That's right you just have to cut out the fabric.

pattern pieces for ringer onesie

I picked out this pretty Baby Nay floral print for my first onesie. For the neck, sleeves and leg opening trim, I cut up an Old Navy tank top because it had the super soft ribbed knit fabric.

And I'm telling you its very tempting to get into a full blown hour long sewing session, but 15 mins I promised and 15 mins I did. It actually took even lesser than that.

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