Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ringer Onesie Sewalong - Day 2 - Cut the pattern, Pick the Fabrics

Ringer Onesie Sew ALong Day 2

Hello there, today is the Day 2 of our Ringer Onesie Sewalong. Today we are going to do two things

  • Cut out the pattern pieces in your desired size ( you have options for 3 months , 6 months and 9 months)
fabrics for ringer onesie sewalong

  • Pick out the knit fabrics you plan to use for making these.
And that is all for today. Its difficult to stop here, isn't it? I know but I'm planning to go slow and enjoy the process on this one.
I know Palak from Make It Handmade is joining in the Sew Along. If any of you are also joining in, please let me know in comments.. the more, the merrier.

Check out the series:

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