Friday, November 25, 2011

Sewing for baby: Firefly dress and pants - part 2

Sewing for Baby: Friefly dress set

Ever since I made the firefly dress here for a gift, my husband has complained that I don't make that good clothes for my daughter. What he meant was that I would embellish clothes really well that I make for sale or as a gift but I don't pay that much attention to embellishing clothes I make for our daughter.
While I don't want to accept this allegation but I do have to confess that sometimes I skip over the non-essentials when sewing for our daughter.

My husband wanted to keep the firefly dress for our munchkin, I would have done that except that it was 2 sizes too small. So I did the next best thing I could...make her another firefly dress.

My husband still thinks I gifted the best piece and this one is not nearly as beautiful. Oh well!

I'm just happy that she has a nice set to wear at the daycare.Some customers ( or their dads) are just way too difficult to please.

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  2. Hi,Can you do a tutorial on the pants too or did I miss that?


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