Monday, July 23, 2012

Sprinkles Tee Tutorial

Embellish with puffy paints: Sprinkles Tshirt Tutorial
sprinkles tshirt tutorial

Ok, I seem to have gone a little crazy with my Boden Knock Offs, but if the monkey is asking for something I just can't help making it. She set her eyes on this Spotty Dotty Tshirt. The Tshirt is adorable but those little things scream choking hazard at me. So I resorted to my trusted tool again - Tulip Puffy Fabric Paints.
Its so easy to make this Tshirt using those colors, I think if you have older kids - like 7 years or above, they can totally make this shirt ( in supervision of course)

Here's a mini tutorial for you (or the kids) :

Tulip puffy paints
Tshirt -washed and dried

prepping the tshirt for painting

1. Insert a paper between front and back of Tshirt to prevent the color from seeping through.

draw a motif for 3D painting
2. Draw the motif.

3. Start with one color. Shake the bottle well. Using the nozzle draw dots some
distance apart on the outlines of the motif. Make sure you completely flatten the dot with the nozzle. There should not be any visible peaks of color.
Note: The color coming out of bottle should have some consistency, if its runny- then it won't puff. Shake the bottle again and try.

painting with puffy paints

4. Now take the next color and draw dots about 2 mm away from the first dots. You don't have to be precise, but the dots shouldn't touch each other and shouldn't be too far either. Take another color and repeat. Keep going until you have used all the colors

sprinkles motif - 3 D painting

5. Once all the colors are used, go back to the first color and repeat the above steps. This would ensure that all the colors are distributed evenly. Once you reach towards the end of the process, you will find out that in some areas there's not enough space for a color , while other areas have more space, this is ok. Just make sure you don't repeat the same color dots side-by-side and its fine.

6. Now just set the Tshirt aside for four hours to dry.

7. Once the paint is almost dry to touch, hold a steam iron right above the paint on highest setting. Make sure the iron is close but not touching the paint. The steam helps the paint puff.

Mini boden inspired - sprinkles tee

8. Let the paint dry completely for 24 hours after its puffed. Put it on the toddler waiting eagerly. Smile!

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